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Invisalign Teen

Today's reality is many teenagers lead very busy lives, between school, sports, and time with friends, getting orthodontic treatment may not be at the top of their list. Luckily, many parents realize the importance of a healthy bite and smile, and orthodontic treatment has become a rite of passage for many teenagers. With the technological advancements available with Invisalign, Kouvaris Orthodontics can provide your teen with a beautiful smile, healthy bite, and the confidence to show those pearly whites! Because Invisalign aligners are clear and nearly invisable, no one really needs to know you're wearing them. Have prom or school pictures? No problem…leave them off for a few hours. Worried about dental hygiene with orthodontic treatment? Invisalign aligners are removable and brushing and flossing is accomplished the same way as usual. Going to the movies and want popcorn? Great! Have fun! There are no food restrictions with Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign can get the job done for Teens. Get in touch with Kouvaris Orthodontics in San Jose today and setup a FREE Consultation!